Thursday, March 09, 2006

WI. Says No to Ethanol

Sen. Plale: Votes “No” on Ethanol Mandate
“I am relieved that we were finally able to defeat this measure,” said Senator Plale. “I share the view of so many of my constituents that this legislation is simply not in best interests of consumers in the 7th Senate district.”

No Ethanol Mixed With Gasoline In Wisconsin For Now
It would have required all regular unleaded gasoline to contain 10% ethanol by October 2007. It was approved in the Assembly and had the support of the governor.

Before AB15 was shelved, this was out there:

Better Environmental Solutions: New Study Shows Ethanol Cleans our Air in Wisconsin, Across the Nation

The report cited Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) data showing that ozone exceedance days decreased 16% since it adopted 10% ethanol (E10) in southeastern Wisconsin in 1994 as part of the reformulated gasoline (RFG) requirements.[1] Before 1994 the average was 630 ozone exceedance days in Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha County monitoring stations. After 1994 when E10 became a part of reformulated gas, exceedances dropped to an average of 539 in the last two reporting years in those stations, a 16% reduction.

Wisconsin will continue to expand their ethanol productions and 1,000s of pumps across the US will soon offer some type of ethanol blend to consumers. This will continue to drive the movement towards this type of fuel.

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