Tuesday, March 28, 2006


SkinWrapz, just signed a deal with Earth Biofuels, Inc. What exactly does SkinWrapz do? Ever see one of those vehicles that was a complete ad all to itself? Locally I have seen a Ford Focus for Coca Cola. Another company uses a PT Cruiser. But how exactly do you do that for a Biofuel company? Probably a few of the contributing products before the process I would think, like soybean plants.

How much longer can the oil market sustain the bubble? Awhile longer it seems. Oil today is nearing $66 a barrel on worries that the U.S. may strike out at Iran soon and the ongoing drama in Nigeria. Oh and do not let us forget that Hurricane season is coming up again.

I love science and technology, just cannot get enough. Strangely though, I tend to agree that in certain areas we may be advancing far faster than society can properly adapt. However, in this case it is just plain neat.

3-D imaging to enable clean energy technologies
Ohio State University researchers have invented a technique to record three-dimensional scans of the gases and solids that mix inside boilers and other industrial processing reactors. Scientists can use the patented technique, called electrical capacitance volume tomography (ECVT), to observe how the density of materials varies inside a reactor. The end result could be better monitoring of reactor systems, including power plants.

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