Saturday, December 15, 2012

Climate Report Pre-release Causes Concern Arguments

The IPCC has a working draft of a new report due out next year. Unfortunately someone signed up for the peer review process and then released part of it on a blog. Information was then cherry picked and stated to show that global warming is not being caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Skeptical Science has a nice post debunking the role of solar activity as the main reason behind the warming of the planet.

While we argue about climate change and what can be done, there are some certain things going on and things that appear to be on the horizon such as extreme weather, impact on the community, impact on the life on Earth, and even our ski slopes. At least the trees might make it in the near term.

Can alternative energy help slow down the effects of global warming or even turn the tide? It appears to be so but we will never know for certain until we make a real effort to build up a worldwide infrastructure and start treating our environment with the care that it deserves.

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