Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mixed in the Alternative Energy Sector

Yes, back after being gone too long and still a bit under the weather but I am seeing a good doctor to get back to tip top shape. :)

In June Alternative Energy Sources Inc. stopped operations. Closed the doors. Their recent filing with the SEC showed that they lost $3.17 million USD in their last quarter of operation.

Meanwhile Flour Corp. has doubled their net income and reported that operating margins rose 6%. They have their fingers all over the energy sector, including a joint interest in the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm. Perhaps this lends credence to those who state that our alternative energy future does not depend on one source but a combination of everything that is available.

Meanwhile it appears that New York's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, wants to put a big investment into wind energy. His ambitious energy plan also includes water turbines and solar panels.

The X Prize Foundation is giving a presentation on energy at MIT and will include guests such as biologist George Church, futurist Ray Kurzweil and inventor Saul Griffith.

The Atlantic City Convention Center's rooftop solar array will be using Satcon’s 500kW PowerGate inverters. The Convention Center expects to save $4.4 million USD across 20 years.

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