Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quickie News in the AM

Canada lags in renewable fuels
The Conservative election platform includes a promise to require that gasoline and diesel contain at least five per cent renewable fuel by 2010.

That would represent 3.1 billion litres of ethanol and biodiesel a year, more than 12 times what the country produces now.

Oil above $66, world powers discuss Iran
"There's got to be a crunch point over Iran," said Geoff Pyne, an independent oil analyst. "At the end of the day Iran is intent on uranium enrichment and the West won't allow it."

U.S. crude stood at $66.5 0a barrel at 7:00 a.m. EST, up 15 cents. London Brent crude was up 55 cents at $66.10.

Cuba, OLADE to Trade in Energy
Rios Roca is meeting with Cuban Investment and Economic Cooperation Minister, Marta Lomas, and Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia.

He noted the prominence of alternative energy sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, in danger of exhaustion and with mounting market prices.

Equitex Announces Hydrogen Power, Inc. Plans and Objectives for 2006 and Development of AlumiFuel(TM) Hydrogen Power Prototype
Based on HPI's patented Hydrogen Now(TM) hydrogen generation technology, the company has completed development of a first generation "AlumiFuel(TM)" hydrogen power product. AlumiFuel is a versatile feed fuel designed for use in generators producing high-purity hydrogen (free from CO, CO2 or Sulfur impurities). The AlumiFuel hydrogen generator is integrated with small lightweight fuel cells as an alternative to portable batteries and makes possible a new commercial hydrogen battery that is lighter, runs longer and provides more energy density than traditional batteries. AlumiFuel cartridges are designed to be long running and easily replaced in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power.

WIPP site gets EPA recertification
"Together with the LES (uranium enrichment) plant in Hobbs, WIPP is also helping define (southeastern) New Mexico as a center for nuclear expertise -- providing a critical engine for economic development while offering our nation a viable source of alternative energy," he said.

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