Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Clean Energy in the News

We are hear and read a lot about clean energy. We see movies placed in the future where some sort of energy has been tapped and is in wide use. However, exactly what is going on to push for this goal?

Clean energy bill gets a push
The measure, which Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) plans to introduce next month, would provide $50 million in grants nationally over five years to local municipalities that create a clean energy bond act or similar clean energy adoption plans.
Last May, Babylon adopted several clean energy initiatives, including manufacturing of biodiesel fuel, purchasing 10 percent of its overall electricity from wind power through the Long Island Power Authority, and adding solar panels on top of Town Hall and its annex.

Two Texas Regions to Compete for $1 Billion Clean Energy Project
Two Texas regions have been selected to compete to become home to the U.S. Department of Energy’s FutureGen project, a $1 billion public-private initiative to build the world’s first near-zero emissions coal power plant. The proposed sites are located near Jewett in East Texas and Odessa in West Texas.

About 50 countries implement plans on renewable energy development
All the countries of the European Union, 18 states of the USA, 3 provinces of Canada implement actions for renewable energy development, WorldWatch Institute reported. Renewable projects exist not only in industrially developed countries. There are similar projects in Brazil, India, China, Dominican Republic, Mali, Philippines, China, Thailand, and many other countries.

The countries, trying to avoid oil, gas and coal dependence, plan to receive from 5% to 30% of energy from such alternative sources as water, wind, biomass and the sun by 2010. Austria has the most ambitious plans, as the country expects to cover 78% of its energy needs with renewable energy by 2010. Sweden plans to cover 60%, and Latvia – 49.3% accordingly.

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