Friday, July 11, 2008

Solar continues to gather steam...

Solar power is very attractive. As long as we have that big ball of fire in the sky that we call the sun, we could have a means of energy down here on Earth. No need to dig into the dirt, build platforms in the middle of the ocean, or throw pollution into the sky. Sounds great but so far it has yet to really take hold.

Why? Well the technology really had not evolved far and the energy produced took a lot of work to gather. Much was lost along the way but with the big push on renewable energy there has been a larger effort to improve this old tech. Most recently dyed glass has been found to help out. See, `Colorful Glass Delivers Massive Solar Energy Boost'. Not only does it increase the amount of energy harvested but it can do it in a cost effective manner. How's that for a breakthrough? Keep an eye out, they say it will only take about three years to get this to market.

Also be sure to check out Treehugger's post: MIT Solar Concentrator Improves Solar Cell Efficiency and Design Options

Who would use such technology? Well the big businesses are the ones that will probably make the most widespread use of it. Check out ecogeeks article: GM Installing World’s Largest Rooftop Solar Power Station. It is going to be in Spain and generate a whopping 15.1 million kWh.

The Alternative Energy Foundation Blog lists 4 Reasons Why Solar Energy Will Dominate.

Solar Energy News, a blog also on Blogger, has a post on an Office Depot that will employ green energy solutions such as solar power.

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