Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Green funds and green energy

Green funds are the new rage and the public is starting to hear about them from various news sources. In recent days:
Green fund coming soon
BIEP's primary mission is to ensure the highest quality of environmental management by maintaining the highest standards of practice among environmental professionals in Barbados.

Byer-Suckoo told its members that they had the unique advantage of contributing to the local and regional environment knowledge base through research and innovation.

Virgin Green Fund gains traction with CalPERS investment
The fund was set up last year to make investments in renewable energy and resource efficiency. Like many private equity firms, VGF primarily invests in late-stage projects. It used seed money from Virgin to begin taking stakes in several startups before it had even completed its first round; it currently has seven.

Wealth manager launches Asian "Green" Fund
In terms of energy, the fund will look to invest in a number of alternative investment opportunities including geothermal power in the Philippines, wind turbine manufacturers in India, solar power module makers in China, bio-fuel plantation companies in Malaysia and Indonesia, coal seam methane producers in Australia and nuclear power technology companies in South Korea and Japan.

Links of interest:
North Carolina Green Fund

IBM Research's Supratik Guha refused to put a specific figure on the sales of new thin-film solar technology, he described the market potential as huge.

“We've already been in discussions with photovoltaic manufacturers,” Mr Guha said.

“There are problems to be resolved, but this is the time we're starting to talk to them.”

Link of interest:
Pushing the PV Envelope: Organic Solar Cells Moving into Production

GreenHunter Energy Added to Global Wind Energy Index
GreenHunter Energy, Inc. (Amex: GRH) announced today that it has been included in the ISE Global Wind Energy Index, which is the first global wind index to provide a benchmark for investors interested in tracking public companies that are active in the wind energy industry. Eligibility to be included in the index is limited to those companies that are actively engaged in the wind energy industry, such as the development or management of a wind farm or the production or distribution of electricity generated by wind power. To date, only 53 companies worldwide have been included in the index.

Westward Ho! US utilities scramble for wind
Utilities are not only scrambling for affordable wind power to meet RPS requirements, but dealing with fluctuating prices. The city of Portland, known for its green ethic, has seen prices jump up and down while it has searched for wind power to help supply municipal needs. ‘Our goal is to acquire a large-scale renewable resource. We’re moving slowly because the marketplace is very, very volatile right now,’ says Dave Tooze, senior energy specialist for the city.

According to King, delivered prices for wind power last year ranged from $85–$100/MWh.

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