Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Morning News Rundown

May you live in interesting times goes the old curse and things are surely interesting these days. Change can bring chaos and with chaos you can get some insanity. That might, just might explain how Bush has come out and said that there has been 'Significant progress' on climate change. The head of the administration that even went so far to remove pages from a climate change report said that "in order to address climate change, all major economies must be at the table...". Not everything went well at the G8 summit. The Telegraph ran with the headline: Divisions emerge over G8 climate change goals.

Still citizens are standing up and saying no to drilling off of the coast of the United States even when oil has settled in with record highs. Some will see a silver lining in everything and with oil's recent decline the question has been posed, "Is the Oil Bubble Bursting?"

While we may not see any rigs off of the coast anytime soon there may be wind turbines. Apparently Georgia Tech researchers have been looking into the viability of setting up a wind farm on Tybee and Jekyll islands.

Meanwhile Intel is investing into the solar power industry and Michigan is looking to give alternative energy companies millions of incentives.

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