Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whirlwind week continues

Wow is the alternative energy global scene starting to take off! At one time I would be lucky to find 10 good mainstream articles a month and now there are a ton every day.

Conferences, people like to have a conference to attend as it means getting out of work. For today there's news on two of them.

First up is the Friedland Investment Events’ Alternative Energy and Clean Technology Conference in New York City which is tomorrow. Power Efficiency's CFO will be presenting there. The conference is tomorrow, the 19th, and can be found in New York.

The second one is the 31st Annual Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition in San Antonio, Texas. It runs from October 15th to the 19th and it will have thousands of participants, near 200 companies, and people from all over the world.

Speaking of people from all over the globe...

Oracle said that it is planning to invest in certain Israeli interests as Israel is expected to take the lead in R&D of alternative energy technologies.

Over in Australia, the Qantas airline plans on offsetting 24 hours of emissions by dumping $500K into alternative energy projects and tree planting. They will also offer customers the option to pay a bit more to offset their own carbon footprint.

For those who do not know, nuclear power is big in India, very big. However, not everyone is pleased with this news. MOF, some activists are saying that the current deal with the US threatens India's sovereignty.

Looks like the Dominican Republic will get by with a little help from its friends. The US and Brazil are expected to help out the DR by providing help with the manufacture of biofuels.

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