Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Energy

After what hopefully was a very relaxing weekend for everyone, there should be lots of energy going into today. Yes, today, Monday. ;p

Ontario announced that it was giving AGS Automotive $6 million. Part of those funds are going to be used for alternative energy and waste reduction technologies. On the other side of the world, PetroChina said that they were going to put $1.33 billion towards things like coal bed methane, thermal power, and bio-fuels. Considering how badly polluted China is, this is a step in the right direction.

Gulf Ethanol has retained the services of a real estate company in order to find a good piece of land in South West Texas. Also in the announcement was the news that they have also retained a solar energy consultant.

NanoLogix's bioreactor at Welch Foods is now generating electricity. It does so by capturing hydrogen gas that is given off when certain bacteria eat through waste products. It is the first of its kind and may herald a whole new way of looking at alternative energy in the workplace. Right now the generator is powering very little but the results have been so promising that they hope to increase the potential in the near future.

Florida is a huge consumer of energy and yet very little of the energy comes from renewable resources. Lack of a steady wind and an abundance of cloud cover eliminates the two most common forms that people look into when it comes to these types of resources. So what options does Florida have? Benoit Wirz takes a look at this in his article, ` Florida: the Dark Horse in the Alternative Energy Race?'.

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