Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday's Alternative Energy Headlines

Tired today and got into work late. Teach me to go out and about all night.

Canada is Coming Clean: First Canadian Global Clean Energy Fund Launched
"Clean energy and energy efficiency is on everyone's radar screens, but more importantly the clean energy sector has matured; it's no longer a nascent industry," said Ian McPherson, President of Criterion Investments. "The clean energy investment universe, as identified by the investment manager has a market cap of $1.4 trillion with capital flows of $70 billion a year right now."

Remember what I said in earlier posts... it is all about the money.

Rep. Davis Calls for ‘Manhattan Project’ on Alternative Energy
The solution, the alternative to military actions such as the invasion of Iraq, he said, was to “launch a Manhattan Project to develop alternative energy in the next 10 years.” The comment was met with loud applause.

“It is in our national interest to do this, because we can’t drill or conserve our way out of this box,” he said. “There are lots of options in the area of alternative energy, and all can play a role,” he added.

Manhattan Project? You want to use alternative energy to blow up our enemies? Chase them down with rays of sunshine? Another case of a Congress Critter who opens his mouth up without educating himself on history?

Nigeria: Minister Advocates Use of Solar Energy
The minister made this remark recently in her office when the managing consultant of the African-Asian investor's management gave a presentation on the benefit of solar energy. She equally said that the solar energy has a pivotal role to play in sourcing for alternative energy supply for Nigeria.

The article goes on to say that it is really expensive and that they need to look locally for good resources. It also mentions that a lab would need to go solar to meet its energy demands. A lab for gamma radiation. OK, how many thought about `The Incredible Hulk'? Raise your hands up.

Medical Discoveries Responds to DOE Biofuel Project Request for Proposals
“We believe the DOE’s Request for Proposals reflects the growing recognition of the need to develop cost-effective feedstock for use in biofuels that does not compete with land and other resources used for food production,” said Richard Palmer, MDI's President and Chief Operating Officer. “The per barrel cost of Jatropha oil is significantly lower than the current cost of crude oil, uses a fraction of the resources, and is considerably cheaper to produce than soybean, rapeseed or corn oil, the primary crops presently used for the production of biofuels. Due to our expertise in plant and soil sciences and our continued development of Jatropha plantations, we believe MDI is uniquely qualified to satisfy DOE requirements, and to become the first United States-based producer of commercial quantities of Jatropha oil.”

Solar start-up lures top energy exec
The company said it had hired Bob Fishman, former executive vice-president in charge of power operations at Calpine, which generates about 3 per cent of the electricity used in the US. Through separately financed projects each capable of producing 100 megawatts or more, Mr Fishman said that Ausra eventually plans to run solar plants generating "tens of thousands of megawatts".

Exciting times, it would be very neat to see this happen. But with all of the solar panels that will be going up around the world in the next two decades, do we risk bringing on global cooling by reflecting so much sunshine (function of what is left of the Arctic). Then will they push for the special, non-reflection ones that are in use here and there?

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