Monday, May 08, 2006

Oil Slides and Clean Energy Advances

Wow, what a nice thing to wake up to this AM, prices about 15 cents lower than last week for regular Unleaded. Now where I live at is a bit above the national average so this slide gets us about even with the rest of the country.

For those who have not read, oil was down today. What caused it to dip below $70 a barrel? A letter from the Iranian president to President Bush trying to find a way to work out the issues between the two countries. Kind of hard to negotiate with a country that is proposing to wipe Israel off the map. Oil company stocks also slipped with the oil prices. Not to fear investors! You can still continue this bubble (at your own financial peril).

Here are two issues that we are bound to see come up again this week:
Venezuela wants to tax oil companies at a rate of 50%.
Australia is running out of oil.

OSPIRG is calling on the citizens of Oregon to demand more green/clean energy by trying to force the legislature to require that 25% of Oregon's electricity come from clean sources by 2025.

Pa Governor announces that $10 Million USD will be available to make clean energy investments.

Greenpeace helped apply pressure to the Asian Development Bank over issues of clean energy. Now that the ADB has announced about $1Billion USD will be in the works by the end of 2008. Greenpeaces says not enough! Just shows you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

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