Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Alternative Energy staying at the forefront...

This morning oil dipped a bit more, into the $69 range, as investors started to worry that a correction in the market has been overdue. No one wants the bubble to suddenly burst but rather go for a softer landing. The fed tax rate the other day, decreased demand for oil, and comments by Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimihave all contributed towards the recent downward trend.

It has taken the high oil prices to get the average American citizen to support alternative energy. While most of the focus has been at the gas pump because that is where it has hit consumers the hardest, it is not the only area in which alternative energy is needed.

AMD is challenging the notion that energy efficient processors means that they will not perform like their big, bad, energy hog brothers. AMD also takes energy efficiency seriously in their plants and is "committed to an improved global environment."

Speaking of energy efficient plants, Hydrogen has had a lot of good news recently. While they took a loss in Q1, they invested heavily into their R&D.

Wind farms have recently made the news. This is the alternative energy that the greens have a love/hate relationship with at the moment. While it does harness the wind's energy and lowers reliance on fossil fuel supplies, it may also do a large bit of harm to birds. That does not seem to have slowed down their proposed construction. Nick over at Greenr posted yesterday about America's largest offshore wind farm that is proposed to be put into Texas. Also a bit further up north, "Sixty-nine state legislators have signed a letter to Congress in opposition to a proposed federal amendment that would allow the Massachusetts governor to veto the Nantucket Sound wind farm."

There was also a post at Greenr concerning the military's new search for an alternative to oil based fuel.

Now we have to take a look at what will be the most likely form of alternative energy that will dominate the market. There are a variety to choose from in every field. Perhaps the answer is D) All of the above but will that allow the pricing for these technologies to drop enough so that the average consumer could afford to put them into place?

Fill 'Er Up -- But With What?
Hydrogen from algae - fuel of the future?

Will America be the leader in all of this? Maybe. Right now if one is to look at the Global Index of the Alternative Energy sector, you would find that Europe is outpacing America.

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