Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Global Warming Skeptics Silenced?

One of the reasons, if not THE biggest reason, for the push toward renewable resources that have a minimalistic impact on our environment is due to what has become known as Global Warming. The problem was that many early studies were flawed and allowed skeptics, such as myself, to blow big holes into the argument (yes, when you measure sea water that has just passed through an engine, it will indeed be warmer).

A new study has looked at another point where the skeptics pretty much beat down the supporters. The fact that satellites had shown that the warming trend on the Earth was nowhere near as bad as what the earth bound sensors were supposedly saying. Apparently the scientists were baffled and started looking towards why. Well, there was an error in the system and one they seem to have worked out.

The final result? Earth warming up? Yes. Drastic upward trend? Except for some key points such as the 70s, not so much. Human influenced? You will be able to argue it into the ground. Why? We have no idea what kind of cycles the Earth naturally goes through nor do we completely understand how the Earth typically responds to said changes and adapts to them which means we have no idea on how our impact is stopping the Earth from doing so.

So warming up is happening, one way or another. Is it worth the time and capital to invest in alternative sources when they are not really needed since the fossil fuels are plentiful? Yes, it is. Investigating these technologies will give us fresh looks and new technology for other areas. Click to read through the site: NASA spinoffs, space benefits, space history.

Not only that but I personally believe we should make reasonable changes to how we do things to make sure that we have not so much of a big impact on the Earth. If a small change such as a fuel source brings us to that, then we should work towards such a thing in a reasonable manner.

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