Monday, November 26, 2007

Nuclear plants a welcome neighbor?

The very notion seems to run counter to what most people believe is the common reaction to having a nuclear power plant as a neighbor. However, in New Jersey it is exactly what is going on.

PSEG runs the nuclear plant in Salem on what is called the Artificial Island. Recently they announced that they would very much like to go ahead with plans for expansion. Instead of local protests, they were met with cheers. Expansion means more jobs for this area of the country and jobs are very much needed.

Not only that but there are other things to consider such as the tax breaks that those who live near the reactor receive. Other monetary benefits lay with the fact that PSEG makes large charity donations and with all of that money being handled, it is no wonder that most of the locals embrace their nuclear neighbor.

Even without the protestors there are enough obstacles to get through in getting the fourth plant up and running. PSEG still has to decide what type of reactor it will be, there are billions of dollars in cost, and it will take a long time before it is up and running which leaves us to wonder what kind of reception might this new plant get ten years from now? Will PSEG continue to perform well and not slide back into trouble? How will new technologies impact not just the final plant but the building of it as well? If the US is faced with a new terror attack, will things such as nuclear plants be put aside?

No one holds a crystal ball to see what the future holds but we do know that the US is continually increasing energy demands and we have a long way to go before they will be met for our future generations.

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