Friday, September 29, 2006

Ohio's Largest Solar Array, Enough for 15 Homes

I found this at Green Energy Ohio.

Oberlin College Completes Solar Parking Pavilion Largest Photovoltaic Array in Ohio
The pavilion's 8,800-square-foot roof will collect sunlight through 336 PV panels.Sunlight will be transformed into a maximum of 100 kilowatts of electrical energy, bringing the center's total rated production (based on peak theoretical output under ideal conditions) to 145 kW, equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power nearly 15 single-family homes.
A win for the College and for the City of Oberlin, which will benefit from the center's electrical energy when surplus energy is exported into the municipality's grid. Electrical energy from the PV panels is also expected to be distributed into a building next to the Lewis Center which was renovated to house eight offices and teaching and research laboratories.

What is interesting is that GreenCounsel linked to this report today about some research that has been done at the University of Albany area about how much energy could be displaced by setting up PVs at parking lots.

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