Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Green Energy for Sale

So you wanna help the environment and just cannot afford one of those spiffy new hybrids nor can you throw up a wind farm or solar panels? As I blogged earlier, you could replace as many of your lights in the home with CFLs. Then encourage all of your neighbors to do so. Personally, I have saved quite a bit by doing this and not all of my inside lights could be replaced with CFLs.

You might also be able to contribute towards a green fund. Not sure what to buy? How about just investing in your local power company? Many energy providers offer their consumers the ability to pay a little bit extra in their bill, usually around $4 a month, with the promise that it will go towards purchasing renewable energy.

Still not enough? Then look into the New Rules Project to help the environment.

Governments can do everything from purchasing green energy to helping land owners use tools to determine if they can turn some open land into a wind farm.

As this article points out, more and more sustainability adds up.

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