Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Schwarzenegger and Fuel Economy Plus NJ and CFLs

In a move sure to tick off most of the Republican party: Next Schwarzenegger target: fuel emissions
A white paper by Schwarzenegger advisors and obtained by The Times said, "To protect our jobs and wages, clean our air, cool our Earth and maintain our way of life, we must diversify our fuel sources and reduce our reliance on oil."

Such an order would be the first major step in implementing the state's landmark law approved last fall that requires California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020. Greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere, are considered a major cause of global warming.

Meanwhile Atlantic County in New Jersey is getting together with Lowes in order to give away CFLs.
Atlantic County government and the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, in cooperation with Lowe’s, will promote the importance of energy efficiency in protecting the environment during National Cut Your Energy Cost Day by holding workshops and giving away 1,000 Energy Star compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs at four locations to those who participate in the Energy Star Change a Light Pledge.

Also see this blog post that I made in May of 2006:
What Good Will It Do?

Yesterday I updated two more light fixtures to using CFLs. I picked up a two pack of some really small, but very bright (60W), CFLs for ~$8. They fit into the fixtures perfectly. I need 9 globes for the bathrooms and four more of the small CFLs and my entire house will have only fluorescent lighting.

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