Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well the Saudis are still going to pump oil so it edged down just a touch more again today. Makes me wonder how many alternative energy programs will be maintained once it goes down another $5 per barrel.

Mitsubishi to Test i-Based Electric Car
The cars will be given to two Japanese energy companies for testing. With a top speed of 80 mph, the wee runabout will be able to travel 80 to 100 miles on a charge.

The above points to this article:
Mitsubishi to Try Once More With Battery-Powered Cars
Mitsubishi said it had no plan to bring its electric car to the U.S.

But the company has been testing a pair of conventional gasoline-powered models of the minicar in Southern California for much of the last year.

Work begins on largest European wind farm
Construction has started on Europe's largest onshore wind farm -- a 140-turbine facility in Scotland, south of Glasgow.

The $560 million wind farm -- part of Scotland's stated goal of becoming the "Saudi Arabia" of renewable energy -- is being constructed on moorland and a forested area, The Independent reported.

Alternate Energy Holdings Announces Development of Lightning Into Electricity Technology
By collecting power from the ground area surrounding a lightning strike and converting it into usable electricity to be sold through existing power grids, AEHI is able to harness the natural energy delivered in a bolt of lightning. Lightning harvesting is a clean energy solution that will not only eliminate numerous environmental hazards associated with the energy industry it will also significantly reduce the costliness of power production. When amortized over 4-7 years, a lightning farm will be able to produce and sell electricity for as low as $0.005 per kilowatt hour, thus significantly undercutting the current production costs of its competing energy sources.

Environmentalists praise Xcel's progress on renewable energy
Pat Vincent, president and chief executive of Public Service Co. of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company, said the utility will generate 10 percent of its power from renewable energy sources by the end of next year.

"Nationwide, Xcel Energy is the No. 1 purchaser of wind," Vincent said. "Here in Colorado, our purchase of wind power has and will contribute to the operation of several wind farms around the state, some producing as much as 300 to 500 megawatts by capacity."

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