Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Smart Cars Headed to the US?

I have my doubts, to be completely honest. Sure, it is a solid vehicle that will get people around and save you a ton of money on gas. However, they will need a very low price point to get them on the road. This is going to be a second or third car for families and a possible first car or trade up for city singles. With the price of oil and gas driving everything up in price, savings on the initial purchase and promises of savings in the future will be needed to drive the initial sales.

Another doubt is because back in 2003 it was announced that the Smart Cars would be here in 06. Now they are saying they will decide later this month whether to bring them over for next year. It is a shame they did not roll them out for this year because next year they will probably have some serious competition. Toyota's new Yaris, Honda's Fit, and a possible two door Aveo boasting or impressive mileage. Not to mention over a million hybrid vehicles.

Then again I was actually behind a Smart Car two weeks ago in Raleigh. So yes, they can be imported, if you want to spend over $30K.

Now to combine the latest hybrid tech with a Smart Car. Just throw a 6 gallon gas tank on it and travel up and down the coast on one tank of fuel.

Will the US get Smart? --anyone else humming the theme song to `Get Smart' right now or is it just me?

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