Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Gas Price Primer

Primer on Gasoline Prices

Not sure what influences can cause price fluctuations? Then click the link above and start the learning process.

Primer on Gasoline Sources and Markets

More info to help one learn about the gasoline market and sources.

Senate Report on how prices are really set

You can trust them, they're the govt and are here to help us. ;p HTML front page that leads to PDF documents.

Here is a link that will take you directly to the PDF file that reports how they are set.

So you're reading the stuff on oil and gas and terms like barrels of oil are being thrown around. But how many gallons of oil fit in a barrel? Answers here, Petroleum Quick Stats

I mentioned hybrids, but what exactly is going on for Developments in US Alternative Fuel Markets? Click here to learn more

Once you are sold on the concept, you may ask what alternative fuel vehicles are availabe. Click here for the report, circa 2000

At this time, you may recall the whole ethanol thing that started a long time ago, fizzled and then came back in the 70s. Here is a link to a report on that as well.